SRSQ‘s much-anticipated debut LP Unreality is out today via Dais Records. As expected, it’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful and nuanced meditation on loss and has easily cemented itself as one of our favorites of the year-to-date. In tandem with the album release, a new video for “Permission” has been released, directed by Leigh Violet.

At first glance, “Permission” seems like a curious choice for a single – the track begins with two minutes of ominous synth tones and Kennedy Ashlyn‘s operatic voice run through a series of effects. The track lives in this unsettling space before kicking in with a heady electronic beat and launching into the stratosphere. The video mirrors this tonal shift, as Ashyln spends the first half in solitude, walking through various locations at both night and day. As the track takes off, the video takes a more surrealist tone, with a series of purple hues, ominous fog, and gloved hands caressing Ashyln. To us, the track and the video signify a sense of insular reflection and rebirth, which ties into the album’s central theme of unpacking the loss of former creative partner and dear friend Cash Askew (Them Are Us Too).

As mentioned, Unreality drops today, and can be streamed through the usual channels and purchased via Dais Records. Full album details below:

SRSQ- Unreality
1. Prelude
2. The Martyr
3. Cherish
4. Procession
5. Mixed Tide
6. No Reason
7. Permission
8. Only One

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