From the ashes of the dark reverie that was Them Are Us Too has emerged singer Kennedy Ashlyn’s solo project SRSQ—which has recently premiered “The Martyr”.

The song is the first track to be shared from the project’s upcoming LP Unreality,  which is set for release  on October 26th via Dais Records.

“The Martyr” follows the release of Them Are Us Too’s posthumous swansong collection Amends,  which also featured the collaborative efforts of Inhalt’s Matia Simovich, who this time helmed the production on Unreality.

Simovich’s work on both records is notable hereeasing in the transition of the funereal dirge featured on “The Martyr”, whose brooding synth organs are in contrast to the transcendent and fluttering soprano of the vocals.

Kennedy Ashlyn elaborates on the song’s themes:

“‘The Martyr’ is about about being repeatedly pummeled by menaces of your own design. It’s about desperation and exhaustion and the hesitant resignation to these cyclical patterns,” says Ashlyn. “It functions as the initial ground on which the rest of Unreality is paved as it twists into much darker territory. “

As dark as Unreality’s is promised to be, this road we are eager to explore through the music of SRSQ.

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Featured Photo by Kristin Cofer

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