As we move into the cycle of Spring, the darkness brightens and snow melts away, uncovering new treasures previously unseen. With the Spring rains, quartz crystals appear in formerly snow-blanketed fields. The crocus and daffodil peek out from the thawing soil. Robins and doves choose mates and build their nests. The weather shifts to warmth and new life. From the ashes of Death comes Renewal.

Some Ember enters the deep recesses of the soul mine in the mystical, synth-laden dream, Excavate, from the new EP, Held a Fragment of the Moon. Excavate gorgeously celebrates the divine cycle of rebirth, and it is a masterpiece. With a rich, velvety croon leaping into ecstatic bursts of rhapsodic bliss, Excavate is a feverish prayer to “a new state, a clean slate, new dimensions to explore and transfigure.” Sonically, there are elements of Erasure, Bronski Beat, and Cabaret Voltaire in this track, with traces of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis in the general oeuvre of the track.

Some Ember has always operated with the goal of radical self-examination and self-confrontation. Held a Fragment of the Moon continues this theme, as it moves towards the new, rejecting the strictures of a dead, decaying world, seeking the unknown. It picks up where 2019’s Submerged left off, digging its way out from the emotional ocean floor via the core of the earth and potentially through to the other side – guided by the promise of novel landscapes and the embrace of lunar light.

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A physical, bracing EP, Held a Fragment of the Moon‘s four tracks represent a return to the body after the astral depressions divined in previous works. The album was recorded in Berlin and San Luis Obispo, CA, and mastered by Jess Labrador.

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