owThe psychedelic synth pop of Soft Riot returns with the first video from the project’s new-wave cable television inspired concept LP The Outsider In The Mirrors.

The Eyes In The Walls reflects Soft Riot synth maestro Jack Dkwrth’s personal take on the anxieties of urban living and existing a media-saturated world.

Conceptually the video is an immersive glimpse into a parallel universe where a Network 23-style cable access channel mirrors the absurdities of our own consumer existence, including the station ID’s and product advertisements that bookend the experience.

Additionally, you can watch the full promotional video for the album below—a film which stands alone in it’s own right by building a world that exist 1980’s nostalgia fueled dystopia.

The Outsider In The Mirrors is  out Feb 9th on Possession Records.

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