[dropcap]Have[/dropcap] you seen Beautiful Noise?  Yes? No? Watch that if you haven’t, and be sure to watch this new mini documentary on Slowdive from Pitchfork. It details the band’s origins from their Gothy highschool days, to seeing My Bloody Valentine for the first time, and then to a fateful phone call from Creation Records Alan McGee, and focuses on the writing and recording of their second album “Souvlaki”.

Slowdive are one our favorite interviews we did for Post-Punk.com—as not only are they one of the best, if not the best, Shoegaze bands, but they are generally the most unpretentious bunch of music fans to go out and make music, and their recent reunion demonstrated that their droning reverb resonates deeply within the hearts of independent music fans and that their talent has not lost its sheen.

After watching the documentary above, check out our interview with Nick and Rachel here

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