And now for something completely different!  Düsseldorf outfit SixTurnsNine are making history with a very special 3D video performance for their slow-motion trip-hop-infused track, “Moments.” With this virtual reality video, you get an intimate concert, feeling like you’re onstage with the band, being personally being serenaded by vocalist Anja Valpiani, keyboardist Lutz Bauer and bassist Philip Akoto. Plot twist: spectators can even switch perspectives and look through the eyes of the three musicians themselves.

Director Jérôme Lozano (Suir, Blind Delon, Mängelexemplar) captured a performance of the band in the legendary Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf for one of the first-ever professional 3D virtual reality music videos.

“Moments” is a fitting choice for the director’s project. The opener of SixTurnsNine’s debut album “Borders” is all about the magic of the moment; this brief encounter of future and past. It’s about space, light, and truth – perfect material for a project embracing the future of optics.

On top of a seductively casual drum loop reminiscent of the golden age of 90s trip-hop in the vein of Portishead and Massive Attack, the song is anchored around a minimalist, almost fragile bassline with gothic keys.

Immerse yourself in “Moments” below:

“Moments” shows that virtual reality can absolutely enrich modern pop culture beyond gaming. This is a gamechanger for many reasons: for those unable to attend live shows due to illness, physical challenges, or distance, this is the closest one can get to experiencing a concert. It’s an exciting new way to engage with a band besides maybe catching a nosebleed seat. The possibilities are endless.

Although the experience is best beheld with a pair of VR glasses, the regular means of watching still have a bit of pixie dust.  But for the curious, a pair of inexpensive VR glasses for the smartphone is available for 4,00 here– and the band will even sign it for you.

You can listen to and order Borders here:

Borders” is an album of intimate self-reflection, dealing with the perpetual quest for orientation in the flood of emotions triggered by the light and dark sides of life, and the subsequent change of perspective.

“When are we masters of a situation?” the band asks. “When are we just followers and driven? Where do we cross the dividing line between self-determination and external control? The search may lead into some kind of limitation game. What these limits and borders are all about is a matter of perception: positive or negative? Retreat or prison?”

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