Summore, a dark electropop duo originating from central Ohio, announces the release of a stunning new video for their brooding, hypnotic “Makeshift Heart.” The song, about the processing of new and old trauma, is punctuated with deep and sometimes arpeggiated synthesizers, juxtaposed with warm, melodic vocals from Julie Rose crooning deeply introspective lyrics.

To illustrate this, the video depicts a journey through a colorful, surreal, dystopian city, but it is not a world of imagination – it is the manifestation of personal tragedy and strife. “The video brings life to the patchwork heart from my nightmares,” Julie says. “The video was filmed before a terrible accident that profoundly changed our lives. Although I’m grateful we survived, recovery has been, and still is, full of challenges. Our physical and emotional injuries continue to impact us.”

The song serves as a catharsis for the subsequent deep-seated resentment: “Throughout life, traumas must be continuously processed,” she says. “Personally, the pain of old wounds reopening has been incredibly difficult to manage.” She maintains that the album is a source of pride, however, because “despite everything, our love for expressing ourselves through music has persevered.”

While the band was healing their scars, both physical and metaphorical, they continued to work on their second full-length album titled, “New Pain.”

“Once we’re well enough to give our best at live shows, we’ll start releasing some new tracks,” says Rose. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for watching and listening.”

Watch the video for “Makeshift Heart” below:

Makeshift Heart is available on SUMMORE’s full-length album Surfaces.

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