[dropcap]The[/dropcap] first time I met the Belgrade natives Lidija and Laslo in a cafe in Berlin—somehow the conversation drifted into astrology and the tarot—so I can’t help but smile to see that their project Sixth June’s upcoming album Virgo Rising is due out February 17th on aufnahme + wiedergabe

It’s been more than 3 years since 2013’s Pleasure, and the sound our two Serbians has created has evolved—perhaps due to Laslo’s exploration into the 80’s via his project Cult Club with Sally Dige. This is definitely evident in the saxophone, fretless bass, and horns accompanying the precipitous synths in the track Night Before, whose video is an electric dream that is an abstraction of new-wave romance.

If you are in Berlin on March 2nd, be sure to attend Sixth June’s release party at Berghain—featuring Tropic of Cancer.


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