[dropcap]If[/dropcap] the Jesus and Mary Chain were to experiment with analog synths, sequencers, and kick drums—and samples akin to early Wax Trax! Industrial—you still would not come close to the distinct sound of Odonis Odonis‘ latest record POST PLAGUE. Perhaps a better description would be to compare Vancouver band’s third album as sounding like the hypothetical result of what would occur if Trent Reznor collaborated with the late Alan Vega’s groundbreaking proto-industrial band with Martin Rev—Suicide.

Comparisons aside, today on Post-Punk.com we are happy to premiere the video for track number 1 off of POST PLAGUE—the pulsing and abrasive Fearless. The film begins with what seems to be  a planet sized mirror ball with orbiting debris swirling around—coupled with the industrial archetype of surgical theatre that is spliced into the sequence in a way that evokes a sense of dread that parallels shockingly dystopian era we are living today—an era that J.G Ballard prophesied, among other post-modernist and science fiction writers.



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