Berlin-based project Errorr has unveiled their video for “Wrong Direction”, a sad wash of sighing guitar distortion wrapped in bitter heartbreak. With its the druglike haze of sonic distortion with heavy sounding drums, bass, the vocals lead into anguish lyrics of self escape: “I want to go anywhere. Fast! In wrong direction”.

On how he created this harsh tapestry of beautiful noise, Errorr’s Leonard Kaage, explains :

“When you play loud music during a long period of time it alters your perception and the way you listen to music. You start to hear frequencies and overtones that you wouldn’t pay attention to before. It’s a beautiful thing and I wanted to invite the listener to this experience”.

Watch the dreamlike video for “Wrong Direction”, created by Olga Karatzioti-B., which is as distorted, sad, and beautiful as the song itself. below:

On Errorr’s forthcoming debut album, Unprofitable Servant, Leonard Kaage played all the instruments and did the production himself in his basement studio in Friedrichshain, Berlin last year.

Kaage is also active as the guitar player and producer of The Underground Youth and has worked and recorded many other bands. Some examples are Jawbones, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Blue Angel Lounge, Tracy Bryant, Kristof Hahn (Swans) and Holy Motors.

Unprofitable Servant is to be released on Anomic Records in 2021.

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