Andrew Gregory—a New York musician and audio engineer that recently relocated to Los Angeles—is premiering his new musical project, Orange Gold Red. Enlisting “long lost cousin” Kate Copeland on additional vocals the pair produced a project is undeniably shoegaze—with its compositions utilizing Gregory’s cheap Fender Stratocaster, field recordings, dusty drum machines, coffee cans, and a growing collection of vintage synthesizers—and lyrics dealing with issues as personal as the unresolved suicide of a friend. 

The song Undone in particular grapples with the themes of responsibility, broken relationships, and longing, while Celebrity Ghost Stories is about leaving New York and all of its possibilities.  Both songs has a sound and atmosphere reminiscent aural daydreams of the Creation Records catalog from the early 90s.

Andrew is now in the process of composing an Orange Gold Red full-length.  In the meantime, you can follow Orange Gold Red on Facebook.


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