Since 1979, the Italian-based EBM band Pankow has become a cornerstone in the genre. With dance floor staples such as “Kunst Und Wahnsinn” and “Me & My Ding Dong“, Pankow remains to be a favorite among the old schoolers and has caught the attention of a newer generation with their more current releases. Their 2013 release And Shun The Cure They Most Desire came with updated remixes from acts such as Schwefelgelb, Contort Yourself‘s 2014 Decapitated One-Liners EP included a Helena Hauff remix and Artoffact Records released a 10″ of Times, Pankow’s early Joy Division-inspired works.

“Blockupy” is the new single for Pankow’s upcoming album Never Trust a White Man that will be out this fall on Artoffact Records. The word ‘blockupy’ is a neologism that originated in the street fighting culture; it is an oblique reference to the Black Bloc and and a homage to their radicality and intransigence. Blockupy is ambiguity and provocation. 

The song is a 7-minute long study in EBM purity that starts slow then jolts into full dance mode. You can purchase it on Bandcamp here.


“Resistance in any shape or form is more of a necessity than a trendy slogan.” – Alex Spalck, singer. 


To align with the new single, Pankow will tour the states this fall:

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