Underneath the moonlight, something to believe
I am alive
The first light carries me

Somewhere, lost in the fog, lies Ships in the Night, a project helmed by Alethea Leventhal. A beacon of light in an otherwise murky sea, Leventhal has been releasing passionate, synth-drenched dream pop for half a decade now, most recently recording a trail of one-off singles while simultaneously crafting a follow-up record to 2017’s excellent Myriologues. Finally, as the Autumn chill is starting to permeate the air, Leventhal has unveiled a new single, the first from sophomore record Latent Powers, due out on October 27th via Cleopatra. Strap on a pair of headphones, open the windows wide, and watch the video for “First Light” below.

The track begins with an ominous synth line that gives immediate space for Leventhal’s lullaby-laden vocal melodies, which channel endless beauty and a welcome dose of optimism throughout the opening verse and chorus. A slow, syrupy electronic beat creeps in gently before the track suddenly (and pleasantly) morphs into a full italo-inspired dance workout, chock full of arpeggiated synths and driving percussion, all the while retaining its otherworldly atmosphere. The track ends as it began, with a celestial synth note ringing into the ether.

The video for “First Light” was conceived by Leventhal and Aaron Farrington, the latter who filmed and directed the piece. Visuals have always been a strong component of Ships in the Night’s image, and the video delivers in spades, beginning with a swirl of mist and shadowplay and culminating in a series of purple hues and kaleidoscopic reflections as the track builds and widens.  Leventhal is joined by a series of striking characters in animal masks, surrounding her among the shadows as she performs.

The “First Light” single is now available via Bandcamp. The single also features a remix of the track that plays up the dark disco elements of the track even further and is worth price of admission alone. Otherwise, check below for the artwork, track listing, and pre-order links for Latent Powers.

Ships in the Night – Latent Powers
1. First Light
2. When I Was Found
3. Lost Times
4. Sun One
5. The Fire
6. It Goes Down
7. Last Days
8. Phantom IV
9. The Killing Moon
10. When I Was Found (Reprise)

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