There’s a quiet storm that is you
There’s a quiet storm and it never felt this hot before
Giving me something that’s taboo
(Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me)

Sade’s 1985 classic The Sweetest Taboo is a sultry celebration of sensual love, and the positive transformation sensual ecstasy brings to the human soul. Nashville duo She Comes In Colors announce the release of their cover of the ballad. While Sade crooned the hell out of this song with her trademark sexiness, replete with egg-shaker percussion to get you in the mood for a night of passion, rose petals, and scented candles…this version is a touch more melancholy. A deep longing is coming out in this cover, stranding the song between the liminal spaces of “what might have been,” and “what might yet happen.”

Recorded on a whim during sessions for their upcoming album, this cover stands well on its own: keeping its 80s synth feeling intact with a dash of whimsy in Lenny Bryan’s sparkly arpeggios. Vocalist Favi Alba has a higher register than Sade’s commanding contralto, making the song feel more airily ethereal than earthily lustful. We hear elements of mid-90s Britpop in the vein of Portishead and PJ Harvey coming through, as well.

The duo began writing and recording together in Nashville in 2021. Favi’s punk-roots vocals and Lenny’s electronic arrangements seamlessly combine in a unique flavour of dream pop here.

Stream below – and instead of tearing up, tear up the sheets with your sweet baboo!

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