A new band has emerged from the eerie streets of Madrid! Lechuza (which means “owl”) is serving up a heavy helping of psychedelic doom folk-infused metal that blurs the boundaries of dark underground musical styles. Their latest offering, “Gorrión” (sparrow in Spanish), is an eerie, jangly folk punk track with lyrical poetry rife with beautiful symbolism that translates:

“The Moon fed on the figs of the fig tree
A black bird came towards the smoke of the fire
The night that you want me the moon comes full
The day I die they take me to the fig tree”

We hear elements of The Cramps, Christian Death, Miranda Sex Garden, Celtic Frost, and Candlemass, and more in Lechuza’s style resulting in some gothic and metal sentiments imbued with dark punk and folk.  With “Gorrión,” and its more folk-driven melody, the simplistic clanging percussion anchors the ominous atmosphere emanating from western Americana guitar chords, overlaid by an otherworldly vocal lullaby.

The cryptic message of the song’s lyrics referencing the journey of self-knowledge around death and the deep emptiness of grief is blithely illustrated with an anachronistic sepia-toned video haunted by a real guitar-strumming ghost. The dead are always with us, and this spectre is giving us chills with its sombre serenade serving as a haunting memento mori.

Watch the video for “Gorrión” below:

You can listen to and purchase the song here:

Lechuza formed last July with members of Looking For An Answer and Reznik. “Gorrión” is included on their self-titled demo EP: profits from the limited edition of 50 copies on cassette and CD will go entirely to an animal shelter.

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