It’s been a few years since we’ve last heard from Ecuador-based dream pop outfit Sexores. In the two years since the release of East/West, the band has been hard at work crafting a follow up, and just today, released their highly anticipated fourth record, Salamanca, on Buh Records. We’re honored to premiere the video for “The Depressing Sounds of the Witch,” the first single from the LP. Watch below:

The video, directed by Valeria Vicente and Laura R. Tolentino, features the duo in a forest, with vocalist Emilia Bahamonde singing the words at the camera, which have been translated into English and manipulated with glitch effects throughout. The video ties into the album’s central theme of the witch hunt, celebrating the women who were unjustly killed out of fear.

The track itself is a beautiful tour de force, with driving, electronic drum rhythms cutting through lush layers of synth and guitar, courtesy of both Bahamonde and David Yépez Valencia, with Bahamonde’s ethereal vocals floating over the din.

Salamanca is currently available on digital purchasing and streaming platforms, with a black and limited clear vinyl edition due out later in 2020. The LP was created using free software, a choice made to avoid “the implicit restrictions when using proprietary software and seeking technological independence within a work that seeks freedom as the main objective.” Check below for the full album details, track listing, and purchasing links.

Sexores- Salamanca 
1. Aqueronte
2. Volantia
3. Decretism
4. Hannya
5. Posism + Tiraclaurism
6. Nos lo Dijo la Serpiente
7. Crapaud
8. The Depressing Sounds of the Witch
9. Death by Burning
10. Mistress of the Marble Hill
11. Lámpades
12. Madre
13. Salamanka

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Photo by Bere Rivera

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