Greek darkwave duo Selofan herald their forthcoming new album Partners In Hell due out this autumn, with a beautiful, eerie, and unsettling shamanistic ritual within mountainside enclave in their video for “There Must be Somebody”.

The song’s unnerving synth arpeggio resembles the cry of birds stirring within the veil of overarching branches that filter rays of sunlight into a wooded grove where dark things are afoot.

On the sound and vision of this track, Selofan’s frontwoman Joanna Pavlidou explains:

“It’s always about the aesthetics and symbolism in our videos, yet the imagery doesn’t necessarily go along with any particular narrative—sometimes the story happens by itself. In this particular case, I imagined the visual effect of the discordant existence of a swan on a mountainside, and then that of a voodoo priestess performing a ritual in contrast to the warm daylight setting.”

“There Must Be Somebody” was directed and edited by Dimitris Chaz Lee, and filmed by Panagiotis Tsetsekos, and Alex Sinodinos. Drone shots provided by Aggelos Filios.

With tenebrous new romantic makeup provided by Chrisoula Aggelopulou, the video stars Selofan, Dimitra, plus a cameo Doruk from She Past Away.

Voodoo dolly provided by ChopiZ.

Watch the video below:

“There Must Be Somebody”, mixed and produced by Serafim Tsotsonis and mastered by Doruk Ozturkcan, is the first single from Selofan’s forthcoming new record called Partners In Hell, the followup to 2018’s widely popular Vitrioli LP.

The new album will be out via Fabrika next autumn.

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