Following the debut of the track in lead to a Valentine’s Day that feels like centuries ago, not mere months,  Astari Nite’s gothic love-letter to the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers made famous by William Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet.

“Capulet Loves Montague tells the tale of heartbreak and woe. How two people can fall in love but ultimately will be their undoing.” says frontman Mychael, who adds:

“Lyrically, “Capulet Loves Montague” came to life while my 11-year young best friend and I were fooling around with crayons on a rainy evening. Perhaps it was the colors that made it clear, a nursery rhyme was being created. A feeling of innocence came over me when the words “Christmas trees are frozen spiders, Cats are made from snow, terrified by what I think of, petrified in love” were written. I’m obsessed with silliness, which is often mistaken for my sadness, especially when it comes to storytelling.”

As for the visuals, which resemble a Thelemic fever dream, seemingly invoking the magical deity Baphomet, Mychael explains:

“I’ve always imagined what it would be like to capture a dream on film, especially one that mirrored words that I was able to desperately tear out of my head. I found beauty in a peculiar abyss of what some call reality, though, for me, it was only an alluring nightmare that I had to eventually wake from.”

Watch the video, directed by Michael himself, and featuring Ileana Escalante as co-director and editor, below:

“Capulet Loves Montague” is featured on Astari Nite’s forthcoming new record Here Lies—a peculiar set of songs that professes one’s views on the curiosity of magick and theories of love sworn to secrecy.

In this new album, Astari Nite was also given the chance to tell a story about cats, Christmas, Paganism, wondering what it is like to be a girl, butterflies and outer space. All these thoughts were merely inside, floating around somewhere, desperately wanting to be spoken about. They were heavily inspired by a handful of nameless perfect people.

On the record, rising post-punk stars Twin Tribes and Wisborg provide remixes of “Gloomy Witch” and “Dearly Beloved”. Their take on the tracks comes off as dazzling.

“Here Lies”, the sophomore album from Astari Nite, will be released on May 8th on Negative Gain (North America) and Danse Macabre (Europe).

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