Die the way
You left inside
Pride won’t save
Your bitter heart

A chilling soundtrack for a drive down a lost highway, San Diego dark synth-pop act Glass Spells have returned with their icy and rhythmic new song and video, “Thrills”. The track heralds the release of their forthcoming new album Shattered, and is a formidable follow-up to last year’s Mirrors EP.

Luring in the listener with its catchy leads and bass, “Thrills” shivers with analogue synths glittering in the dark, whose cold melodies are kept warm by deep bass, drum beats, and dreamy vocals. With mid-80s dancefloor beats whose production echoes the soundtracks of cult indie films of the past decade, the song conjures an idealized and nostalgic dream world without being a pastiche.

Watch the hypnogogic reverie of Glass Spells’ “Thrills” below,  directed by Mitch Wilson of Lunar Maps Productions.

Glass Spells new LP Shattered is set to be released on August 6, 2021, through Negative Gain, followed by a show on August 14th at Soda Bar, San Diego to celebrate the release of the new album.


Glass Spells are Anthony Ramirez (Instrumentals), Tania Costello (Vocals), and Michael Buehl (live drums). The band has garnered critical acclaim and the attention of many in the underground music scene by their signature sound, which fuses a melange of styles culled from the best of classic Indie, post-punk, Darkwave, and modern synth-pop. The result creates haunting rhythms and melodies that linger like fog on the dancefloor long after the lights go on.

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