Russian post-punk outfit Ploho’s Phantom Feelings was one of our choices for the best albums of 2021. Now the Novosibirsk-based trio return with their video for “I Don’t Trust Anyone”, a cover of the title track included on Би-2’s 9 track EP/Compilation album.

Би-2 formed in the 80s in Belarus, and released their debut album Traitors to the Homeland (Изменники родины), before relocating to Israel and Australia, and then finally Russia in the late 90s. Recently, Би-2 collaborated with former Czar’s vocalist John Grant on the 2020 single “Виски (Whiskey)”.

“B-2 is a band with a very long history in Russian rock music, ” says Ploho frontman Victor Uzhakov, “We grew up with their songs. This particular song is about a man who doesn’t trust anybody anymore. The pandemic and the actions of the politicians have influenced the minds of people greatly. The level of credibility has become significantly lower. All of this can’t help but be reflected within music and other forms of art.”

Watch the video for Ploho’s cover of Би-2’s “I Don’t Trust Anyone” below:

B-2’s “I Don’t Trust Anyone” is out now. Listen to the album on Spotify here.

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