Russian post-punk/new wave band ЛМД (LMD) releases an intriguing new EP, Когда идёт дождь (Kogda Idet Dozhd, When it Rains). Recorded their music entirely in their mother tongue, the band hails from Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvashia, along the famed Volga river. It’s apparent that their artistic inspiration comes from their surroundings, with their sparse, bleak post-punk approach and gloomy lyric delivery. There is heavy inspiration drawn from the Factory Records/Manchester sound, with minimalist instruments and a droll bark; there is common ground with Joy Division, early Cure, and even a whisper of Grauzone for good measure.

The band’s mastermind, Maxim Leontiev, began his musical journey in 2008. Information on the band still remains shrouded in mystery, which certainly adds to the appeal. Leontiev throws his heart and soul into his delivery and whips up a fascinating collection of tracks. Когда идёт дождь is a refreshing take on post-punk and the choice to perform entirely in Russian brings a welcome pathos to the track.

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