Russian Alt-Rock act Dehyper have unveiled their video for “Dying Youth”, the title track and first sampling from their soon-to-be-released debut album. The music is a wild mix of the kind of idiosyncratic songwriting invoked by the band’s alt/math-rock heroes of the 90s, with vehement vocals overlaying the finely honed craft of all the musicians involved.

Watch the video for “Dying Youth” below:

Dehyper initially made a name for themselves in Moscow’s rock underground back in 2018. The band is characterized by intense performances, dark lyrics, and inventive guitar work, which can be considered representative of the music of modern Russia.

Inspired by artists and musicians from the west such as Deftones, Chris Rea, David Bowie, At The Drive-In, founding members Alexey, Boris, and Matvey began playing energetic post-rock during their days as students. After a chance meeting with Simon, a drummer from England who ended up in Russia, the band was rounded out to complete its current lineup.

Dehyper was able to secure a loyal following through the ambitious performances through constant live activities in and outside Russia. Frontman Alexey is known for engaging and involving the audience in the shows, depending on his mood.

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