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Robert Smith unveiled the “Time” remix of The Cure’s Wild Mood Swings track “Want” featured on the Torn Down :Mixed Up Extras 2018 on BBC Radio 6 this morning, as well as news about the long anticipated deluxe remaster of the band’s 1992 album Wish.

During the radio show hosted by Shaun Keaveny, it is mentioned that Torn Down is the last disc in a 3 CD set, with the  first being the newly remastered Mixed Up, followed by a “collection of rare 12 inches from 82 til 1990”.

About Torn Down Smith goes on to say that he “Just fancied doing some remixes” with the desire to create one from each album and “remix Cure songs that wouldn’t normally be chosen for remixing, songs like “The Drowning Man”—the more sort of esoteric Cure songs.”

Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018

Robert also goes on to talk about how he stopped working on the remasters after the Disintegration deluxe edition, but that he has now picked the project back up again, starting with Mixed Up.

Surprisingly, he then goes on to say he’s just “finished the Wish album, which is the next one up” in the deluxe remaster project.

Given what has been included in previous deluxe editions, we think it is likely that the “Deluxe Edition” of Wish will contain the rare instrumental cassette EP Lost Wishes as part of that collection.

Listen to the interview segment starting at 48:05

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