Los Angeles, Pure Groundthe electronic music duo famous for their powerful industrial-ebm music, tinged with dark folk / dark ambient elements.

Now the pair are back with a split-album realized together with Luminance, the solo project of DA, a French artist based in Brussels, who has already quite an extensive discography in the dream-synthpop-darkwave style.

Each band takes one side of the album and with the final track on each side being a collaborative song. and ahead of their Berlin gig tomorrow, Pure Ground are premiering “Last Stand”, one of these 2 collaborative songs on the record.

On the track, Pure Ground composed the music while DA—has provided vocals and additional synths. The track combines the industrial, pulsating rhythmic foundation which is typical of Pure Ground, with the eerie, psychedelic feeling of Luminance.

Copies of the split release will be available on tour—-you can also order the vinyl here.


  • A1 Pure ground – Not listening 04:14
  • A2 Pure Ground – Framed In Light 05:40
  • A3 Pure Ground – To Severance 04:14
  • A4 Pure Ground (w/ Luminance) – Last Stand 05:04
  •  B1 Luminance – Colony 05:04
  • B2 Luminance – What They See 04:30
  •  B3 Luminance – Great Sinister With Silent Nails 04:13
  • B4 Luminance (w/ Pure Ground) – Fall Away 05:40

Optional: Listen to the radio show WAVES, in which three tracks from the album were radio premiered and each of the three musicians select a few recent (or less recent) favorites.

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