The UK duo, Randolph & Mortimer, are known to make you dance. From their addictive EBM basslines – akin to a dirtier, more raw version of Schwefelgelb – to their unmistakable rhythm, R&M are truly a dancefloor favorite across several genres. As a follow up to their 2019 album Manifesto for a Modern World (that was one of our top albums last year), they’ve teamed up with Mecanica Records for a two LP extended release that includes both recognizable bangers and new ones.

What started off as an ‘art project’, influenced by 80s Industrial, 90s rave music and inspired by the documentaries of Adam Curtis, has morphed into a full on New Beat / Body Music dance-floor moving machine. Their studio releases have gained support from some of the biggest underground DJ’s in the world like Ancient Methods and gone on to top various genre sales charts on Bandcamp. Whilst the R&M live shows have seen them share bills with Godflesh, Youth Code, PIG and 3Teeth.

We have an exclusive stream of one of the new tracks from the double LP, “Fantasy Land,” that recalls the aggression and the bugged out industrial of Ministry’s 1985 single, “Nature of Love.” Listen below.

Out on July 25th, you can preorder the album both digital and physical formats here. Watch the release trailer below.

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