Projekt Records dream pop act Mira are re-releasing their self-titled debut LP from 2000 as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp.

Hailing from the bowels of Florida and channeling bands such as The Cure, Lush, and Cranes, Mira cut a demo tape in 1999 and quickly found a perfect home on Projekt Records, a label well aligned with dream pop, shoegaze, and ethereal music. Our editor Frank Deserto wrote about the album for their entry in our Definitive Dreaminess list:

“Their debut, a transitional record, perfectly dabbled in all three styles over the course of nine original tracks and a beautifully understated cover of a My Bloody Valentine classic that sleepily traded in the noise and focused on the song’s true essence. The song “Cayman,” while written about a cat, tugs at the heartstrings in a way that few songs can, building upon itself with sweeping layers of guitar and Regina Sosinska’s sweetly detached vocals.”

Of the release, guitarist A. Davidson had this to say:

“Twenty years ago, Mira approached Sam from Projekt with a demo tape containing many of the songs that would form our debut record. Looking back on these songs now, as the shoegaze revival is fully underway and bands we looked up to like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive are making music again, I’m struck by how vital and prescient these songs sound. The songs on the debut and the following record Apart exemplify just how integral Mira was to the second-wave shoegaze scene, a largely overlooked and distinctly American outgrowth of what had been happening in the UK a decade earlier. That we were able to create such lush and interesting arrangements in the late 90s and early 2000s, when digital home recording was in its infancy, and boutique pedal makers were few and far between is itself a testament to our passion for creating and the punk and DIY ethos that ran though the goth, ethereal, and darkwave scenes at the turn of the century.

Guitarist Tom Parker adds:

With the 20 year anniversary of our debut approaching, I have been combing our archives of old pictures, audio files and other random stuff.  Its such a crazy time machine to look and listen to it all, and realized it’d be fun to bring it back into the modern realm so others can feel the nostalgia or discover what they missed!  So putting it up on Bandcamp seems like the thing to do!

Find Mira’s 2000 self-titled debut here on Bandcamp.

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