Hailing from the Vancouver, 1980s post-punk act The Gathering are back to reclaim their name with a fevered passion of guitars, synths & dance floor rhythms for those who wish to whirl around their bedroom with thick headphones, tuning out the cynicism of this modern age in a wash of new-wave nostalgia.

The band have just released their Love Songs EP—4 unapologetically romantic songs, that sound so authentic to the era the band formed in, you could swear someone built a flux capacitor somewhere, as this is music you would expect to find in the cassette tape rack at the Starcourt Mall’s Sam Goodey in Stranger Things 3.

Watch the video for “Eden” below:

Taking inspiration from such bands as The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Killing Joke, the later of which is perhaps why they chose their name, The Gathering formed in 1985 Jeff Pawson,
Peter Burns, Gary Economy and Dave Goodman.

The Gathering released the Let It Shine EP in 1988, and toured across Canada with Nash The
Slash, and others. The Gathering disbanded at the end of 1988.

Inspired by the resurgence of the Post Punk, New Wave and 80’s music movement, The Gathering reformed in late 2017, and the following spring the band would enlist producer and composer Jason Corbett, of ACTORS, to “ReTransmit” the original Let It Shine EP for a special re-release.

In April of 2019 The Gathering signed a deal with German-based label Cold Transmission, enlisting Jason Corbett produced Love Songs EP  which came out on June 1st, 2019.

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