pEhemeral Eyes is a solo project created by Eli A. Quintanilla. His latest offering, M.B. (The Demos) is an eclectic collection of atmospheric, cinematic, minimalist tracks. There’s a charming quirkiness to his methods, settling mainly on a coldwave vibe but veering towards psychedelic at times. We hear early 4AD and Seventeen Seconds-era Cure with his sound – expansive, dreamlike moments peppered with radio static or a distorted mantra. It feels like a snapshot of emotions, which was Quintanilla’s intent: he expanded the sound based on the emotions he experienced while recording the music live.

The Lynchian “12AM” sounds like driving through a forest at night with a radio going out of transmission. “Last Night” continues this with a minimal ticking sound and strange guitar work. The rest of the album oscillates between dark and gothic BDSM to industrial, to blues.

“I Sit Alone” definitely has the most parallels to a Cure track, with its hypnotic synths and guitar – you can almost picture Robert Smith jumping in at any moment.

This is a captivating 7 track album to have on when you’re in the mood to zone out, and ride a wave of raw human emotion.

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