Toronto post-punk duo TRAITRS returns with another single leading up to the release of their new full-length album Horses at the Abattoir, coming out this November via Freakwave.

Unearthed from the band’s past, “Ghost and The Storm” is a soaring darkwave track fraught with emotional intensity. This was one of the very first songs the band had ever recorded with producer Josh Korody, who collaborated with the band once again on their forthcoming new record.

“Ghost and the Storm’ is exactly that – a ghost of a track,” explains Shawn Tucker. “A forgotten spirit from our past. It was too ahead of its time for us to even know what to do with it at the time we wrote it, so it remained in anonymity for several years. The song is about having false beliefs, blind and empty faith, believing your entire life that when you die you’ll go somewhere better but the reality is you just return to nothing, nowhere. To sleep and never remember your dreams is equivalent to how we die,”

The song’s striking video features actor Vince Groulx, who embodies its underlying theme of struggles with mental health perfectly.

Sean-Patrick Nolan elaborates: “The video pays homage to “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by UNKLE, one of our all-time favourite songs and videos. It depicts the uneasy feeling of questioning your own sanity as it slowly slips away from you. We intentionally left it ambiguous as to who this troubled man is and what’s causing him to be so paranoid and erratic. We are our only connection to the outside world, so when the line between reality and fiction is gradually blurred and you start to feel ill at ease in our own mind and flesh, that’s a truly terrifying and isolating thing to experience. Vince Groulx did a great job of capturing that sense of foreboding paranoia while your emotions jump from one extreme to another. The human mind is more vulnerable and susceptible to these fluctuations than we realize.”

Watch the video for “Ghost And The Storm” below:

“Ghost and the Storm” is featured on Horses at the Abattoir, which is set for release on November 19, 2021, via Freakwave.

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