With a sombre and wistful tenderness in face of the darkest of subject matter, North Carolina post-punk act Secret Shame return with their video for “Pure”, a track featured on the band’s double a-side 7-inch single, along with equally moving floral daydream “Dissolve”.

Both songs reach into a sort of psychic dreamscape of almost childlike wonder, the kind of realm one could imagine The Cure’s Robert Smith frequented quite often from 1984 to 1987. We can picture, like in the video, that this glowing pastel sanctuary might be littered with stuffed animals too, just like those found in the intimate and melancholic band shot video accompanying “Pure”

As Secret Shame vocalist Lena Machina explains:

“We shot all the footage for this video on our cell phones throughout the course of the pandemic. For a while, it was difficult to be creative, but making the video for “Pure” was a good outlet because we could go at our own pace. The song was already released and there was no pressure on time, it’s not like touring was happening. This was a way to feel like we could keep going even if we were at a halt for the time being.

The lyrical content of Pure is sort of this mix of interesting imagery and this melancholic energy around feeling defeated. Originally Matthew had the idea of playing monkey in the middle with a stuffed animal. I figured maybe we should just be covered in toys while playing this apathetic song about enduring abuse. In the end, it was fun and weird. We took turns filming flowers and skateboarding and captured each other being candidly strange. I got to sit in a bathtub with a bunch of toys and drink whiskey till 6 in the morning. There were sweet, gentle moments. I love being able to call these people my friends.”

Watch the video for “Pure” below:

Previously, Secret Shame earned our Editor in Chief’s number one spot for the best album of 2019—and later finally issued the album on vinyl, along with a spectacular remix LP, which also includes a bewitching new version of their debut album’s first single “Dark”.

“Pure” and its double a-side sister track “Dissolve” were recorded in November 2019 at The Ward in Richmond, VA. Both songs are featured on a self-released 7 inch available on Pink vinyl, with artwork on the sleeve by Lena Machina.

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