Asheville’s dark post-punk breakouts Secret Shame are finally releasing their debut LP Dark Synthetics on vinyl, and accompanying this release is a fantastic 9 track remix LP where the band recruited some of their favourite collaborators and friends to remix select tracks from the album.

Previously they have shared  XOR’s remix of “Calm” (Secret Shame bass player Matthew’s side project), Skinquarter’s remix of “Haunter” (Skinquarter is Ricky Olsen from The Ward Studio in Richmond, where they record), and None of Your Concern’s remix of “Haunter” too (NoYC is an anonymous new darkwave/electronic duo from Chicago).

Today the band have unveiled their haunting acoustic version of Dark, helmed by Lena Machina herself.

Whereas the album version was a howling witches sabbat, this ethereal swirl of sounds is a vivid ghost story where each note is its own iridescent spectre altogether conjuring an intangible wall of sound.

Listen below:

Secret Shame has also streamlined the band’s lineup moving forward, which is now composed of their fierce, captivating vocalist Lena (she/her, synths), Billie (they/she, guitar/synth), Matthew (he/him, bass/synth) and drummer Nathan (he/him). Their sound harkens back to the golden age of 4AD and dark 80’s post-punk that’s reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure, while simultaneously carving out a sound distinctly their own. Dark Synthetics also resurrects the moody deathrock style that swept through the 80s, as their frontwoman Lena’s exorcising vocals cut through the sonic atmosphere created by the band’s giant reverb-soaked sound, building to cathartic lyrical moments.

The band were to tour this month in support of the vinyl and remix album but unfortunately had to cancel due to current events. All the more reason to pick up their records via Bandcamp today.

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