Time to pack up for your goth beach party, Children of the Night! Grab your parasols, pour some Bloody Marys and get a bitchin’ playlist together…and be sure to put Pleasure Victim’s brand new goth anthem “Reaper” front and center.

“Reaper” channels 80s darkwave and post-punk from classic goth rockers like Rosetta Stone, The Damned, and The March Violets, rife with “na na na” chorus chants straight out of the Sisters of Mercy playbook, surrounded by modern synth and electric guitar. The copious hooks and bright energy comprise one hell of a dance banger. Layers of backup vocals evoke a choir of devotees singing away to ascension, and although the lyrics have a slight spiritual undertone, the result is pure sex, death, and ecstasy. Yum!

Reaper makes references to the more sadomasochistic elements of Herman Hesse’s 1922 novel Siddhartha (great beach reading), along with some deathly quotes courtesy of the prophet Muhammad, and a little-known 16th-century mystic poet Saint John of the Cross. The result is four minutes of gothed-out literature nerd bliss.

This dark synth and guitar-laden electropop project is fronted by a mysterious DJ and musician who was active in the Pacific Northwest darkwave and experimental synth scenes before the pandemic.

You can catch Pleasure Victim live and in-person opening for Twin Tribes in Portland on September 17th.

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