Arkham Sunset, a Portland-based darkwave project helmed by electronic producer Gerry Hathaway, returns with their fifth EP, The Noise Divine.

For the first time, the band features vocalist Anastasia Poirier, adding a new dimension to the outfit’s sound. “Black Flame”, the latest single from the EP, is a kaleidoscopic rush of energy and emotions filtered through an array of analogue and digital synthesizers. The result is a fresh, cinematic meld of industrial, synthpop, darkwave, and disco.

The video, a live performance love letter to the early 80s minimal wave club scene, opens with a warm 80s-style synth arpeggio that persists throughout, peppered with Poirier’s sultry, hypnotic spoken word. The effect is dizzying, yet grounded.

“Black Flame is about facing repressed fears, putting dreams into action, and letting go of what holds us back,” says Hathaway. “With open eyes and open heart we are one, infinite – we feed the Black Flame, surrendering to our potential, our one true will.”

Watch the video for “Black Flame” below:

Arkham Sunset’s The Noise Divine is out now.

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