Montreal, Quebec’s renowned synth outfit Police Des Mœurs have released their hypnotic, and fascinating video for their new release, Ether, set for release on 2 March 2020.

“Ether refers to a simple yet vertiginous philosophical question. There is the question of the concept of existential vacuity and human limitations, but also discusses this fantastic chance we have to be conscious; witnesses of a world driven by an incomprehensible will to live,” says the band.

The video is reminiscent of a third-eye transmission, with twirling meteors and comet tails interacting with monk-cowled spirit figures in hyperspace. The minimal wave sound is a hypnotic, quick-paced synth beat that could easily transmit the listener directly into the spirit world. The sound is reminiscent of Ruth’s Polaroid/Roman/Photo, Glass Candy, and Austra.

Ether is a non-religious une complainte, which translates roughly to “a lament.” A lament is a song or poem comprised of many verses. The subject of the piece is usually a somber or tragic character faced with various tests; their adversity and misfortune turn into the driving drama.

Recorded and produced by Police des Mœurs in Montreal, 2019, the song was written by Francis Dugas and Manuelle Gauthier.

Watch the video below:


Ô Éther aie pitié de ma misère.

Fais-moi entrer dans ta lumière
N’être rien face à tout

Être tout devant rien”.
English translation:

O Éther have mercy on my misery.
Bring me into your light, 
Being nothing in front of everything, 
Being all in front of nothing. 

Lyrics and credits (ETHER)

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