Atlanta Georgia’s native son Thomas Barnwell—a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter performing under the guise of Picture One, has just unveiled his beautiful yet somber synth-pop daydream “Cycle of Belief”, a track featured on his forthcoming new album Across the Depths of Seven Lakes. due out this spring.

The record, which a lovingly self-ware aware homage to the best of 80’s synth-pop and post-punk alluding to British luminaries such as Depeche Mode and the Cure, and French touching pop heroes Asylum Party, is an outlet for which Barnwell processes his own story of complex love, loss, and redemption.

With “Cycle of Belief,” among the album’s more melancholic and somber moments, Barnwell plays with the idea of brokenness and resolves to break harmful cycles.

“‘Cycle of Belief’ focuses on the idea that it is our own minds, beliefs, and thoughts that are ultimately driving our destinies- for better or for worse. It is about things in life that happen because we believe they will happen. It is about learning to break cycles when they are bad for us by tearing down what they represent and learning to reframe our beliefs.”

Listen to Cycle of Belief below:

Across the Depths of Seven Lakes. due out April 3, 2020.

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