Philadelphia Post-Punk Musician Zadar debuts his song “Alien Being”, a song whose tenebrous guitar riff is a spiraling and sinister descent into anachronic deathrock, sounding like a track unearthed by music journalist Mick Mercer for a followup to one of his infamous Gothic Rock compilations that pervaded the 90s, preserving the Batcave scene in the amber of nostalgia.

On the track, Zadar explains:

Alien Being was the first track I wrote and recorded for my upcoming album, The Upstairs Room. It was recorded in one take in an inspired moment. The songs lyrics convey feelings of isolation, rejection, and loneliness, feelings most of us experience from time to time. It sets the mood for the album as a whole, which was inspired by classic Post-Punk and Gothic Rock albums I grew up listening to. This project came about from a need to express myself as a response to a difficult time in my life. I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.”

Listen to “Alien Being” below:

Find “Alien Being”, and other track from Zadar’s forthcoming album The Upstairs Room, on Bandcamp here.

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