Introducing Personality Cult, a brand new post-punk project from Los Angeles based artist James Clifford, who is set to release his debut EP under this guise on June 1st.

Today we are premiering the lead single from the EP, the warm nostalgia of “Decay”, that captures that feeling as if famed producer Dave Allen had graced the mixing board, balancing the vocals, guitar, and sequenced synths into a sound that feels like a summer’s night back in 1986.

Clifford goes on to elaborate on the track’s nostalgia:

“‘Decay’ undoubtedly sparked the direction of the other songs; the baritone vocal delivery, the biting guitar line and airy synths, and introspective lyrical content really epitomized what I want this project to be. I’ve always been drawn towards a lot of new wave artists like Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Human League, etc. because of how fearlessly cathartic they can be. It felt like the right vehicle to express certain things I wanted to express, only executed with a rougher musical edge in the vein of a punk record.”

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