Parisian duo Bracco shine a spotlight on their video for “Fribourg”, a track featured on their debut LP Grave.

The pair from Paris’ first full-length album was recorded with French producer Paulie Jan, and captures a sound formed within the delicate margins of dark club music and experimental rock, invoking all the dynamics of anger, energy, and inner darkness that altogether summon inhuman sounds.

Since issuing their First E.P in late 2018, Bracco have emerged as a formidable force with their fierce live performances as they carved their paths across France and Europe, and the far reaches of La Reunion. Sonically, the record “Grave” captures the intense emotions of the pair bring to the stage.

Dancing on Bracco’s Grave—for the video for “Fribourg”, is the choreographer Marie fleur Hoffmann, filmed in an otherworldly Lynchian spotlight fashion by Julia Maura.

Watch the video for “Fribourg” below:

Bracco”s debut LP Grave is out now via Le Turc Mécanique.

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