Thirty-two seasons in, Simpsons writer Tim Long finally confirmed the news on social media. The Simpsons will indeed be doing a send-up to Morrissey on an upcoming show, ostensibly entitled Panic On The Streets of Springfield. 

In this episode, Lisa falls under the spell of an aging 80s music superstar, played by…who else? Benedict Cumberbatch. Notably, there will be music featured on the show written by satirist extraordinaire, Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie. (No stranger to pastiche himself, McKenzie once sent up Bowie with the delightful Bowie’s In Space.)

The official episode description reads, “Lisa gets a new imaginary friend — a depressed British singer from the 1980s; Homer becomes a truck guy.” Will the episode cover Morrissey’s infamous Bigmouth episodes, increasingly “For Britain” leanings, and acid curmudgeonliness? One must admit Stephen’s due for a (vegan) roast.

Long teased the upcoming episode on his Twitter with a poster of Lisa and the Surly One looking suspiciously like the cover art for The Queen Is Dead, complete with caption contest:

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