Elle est brune incendiere magnifique meurtrière

Over the past year Russian-French electronic outfit Otchim, comprised of Anton Berezin and Jordi Sorder, has released a steady stream of tracks between their respective cities of St Petersburg and Paris. Anton Berezin is a prolific producer, also known as one half of Justine and Berezin. The latest release from this pair is a stunning, brutal vertical video for Assassine

Featuring mournful vocals reminiscent of Robert Görl with a driving post-punk pace and minimal electronics, the video plays out like a mystery unveiling itself…seemingly in reverse. Its vertical letterbox aspect ratio is a unique touch, but beautiful cinematography and enigmatic storytelling steal the show. Part murder mystery, part Lord of the Flies, the primal nature of the video is at once disturbing and mesmerizing.

The video shows one day in a life of a random girl,” says the band. “Daily routine and usual things that become more and more wicked and weird until by the end of a video you will know all the secrets she keeps. ‘

The video, directed by Ksheshka Morochkovska and starring Eugene Samarska and Eric Zhelezka, forms a sequel to their previous video for the single, James Dean, which shares certain characters.

Watch Assassine below – if you dare:

Listen to Assassine here:

The prequel, James Dean, can be seen here:

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