California dark electro-punk duo, Jeweled Snakes, premieres the new single Doomsday Holiday, a single from their latest album of the same name released in October 2020.

Jeweled Snakes assemble heavy post-industrial synth-pop/punk with sleaze, melancholic horniness, and catchy hooks: throbbingly heavy, yet eerily dynamic. The serpentine band bings to mind Throbbing Gristle, Black Sabbath, and X-Ray Spex. In a multicolor haze, dark noise artist Sharkiface and Skot B (Altar De Fey, Esses) channel sultry, post-industrial sex-vibes while rotating giant silver orbs criss-cross a laser-lashed sky.

Doomsday Holiday brings to mind a surreal, apocalyptic fairy tale: the accompanying music video, filmed and directed by Ratskin Records’ Michael Daddona, depicts Jeweled Snakes and their entourage of biohazard suited back-up dancers invoking a DEVO-meets-Busby Berkeley phantasmagoric choreography. The video was filmed in a graffiti-covered, abandoned train car at the site of the collapsed, once famous Lincoln Theater in West Oakland.

Doomsday Holiday is out now.

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