NYC multi-instrumentalist and producer Olé Koretsky has unveiled his video for “The One”, a track off of his darkwave and post-punk infused EP MMXX—a collection of five intimate songs imbued with a heartrending intensity and allure.

“This release is my way to start looking ahead, and rejoin the world in a way that helps me feel more hopeful about the future.” says Koretsky, who in this solo project, has been gathering himself after personal experiences in recent years fraught with tragedy.

One such event was when Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan, a member of his project D.A.R.K. (also featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths),
passed away suddenly in 2018.

“The One”, the EP’s hauntingly atmospheric opening track, while sombre, dark, and on the surface, acidly cynical, has an innate catharsis showcasing both strength of heart and resolve in spirit, that bolsters Koretsky forward to reemerge after distancing himself from the world the past two years.

On the meaning of “The One”, Koretsky muses:

“I try not to overthink lyrics. The words may reflect feelings of disconnection and isolation that I was dealing with at the time that I was writing the song. Oddly, it resonates again today during this pandemic.”

On the video’s production, Koretsky continues:

“I attached a little action camera to my sun visor and recorded the drive from Galway to Limerick a few years ago. It triggered some memories and emotions when I found this footage and I thought: that’s a really strong visual – I don’t need to make a video if I can use this. Adding lyrics and playing with special fx was an afterthought…”

Watch the lyric video for “The One” below:

While the immediate future looks uncertain, Koretsky has expressed his desire to roam the globe once more, eventually touring in America and abroad, to support this EP’s release.

“I spent a couple years self-isolating and I felt it was time to shift focus and rejoin society. What that’s gonna look like now, is a bit of mystery. Music or art in general is meant to be an escape. Creativity is the only good drug.”


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