NYC dark alternative outfit Black Rose Burning has unveiled their continuation of the sci-fi video series “Under Twin Suns” with Part III “The Wheel”. The soundtrack to this post-punk meets goth space opera is the title track from the band’s second full-length album, a record that follows the band’s debut album ‘The Year of the Scorpion’, released in 2020.

The song soars with a cosmic melody led by jangling guitars and buzzing synths that ignite with frontman George Grant’s powerful vocal delivery.

The video is a green-screen marvel that captures a melange of incredible imagery consisting of such marvels as supermassive black holes, interstellar spaceships, and dusty red planets, with costume design straight out of pulp science fiction daydreams.

On his continuing of his video series, George Grant explains:

“This is the third video for the Black Rose Burning Sci-Fi space series “Under Twin Suns” which documents the journey of “The Traveler” from earth to his homeworld. The song encouraged the spaghetti western feel of this video which is a space-age homage to films like High Plains Drifter and The Good The Bad And The Ugly. I’m a big fan of that genre of films as well, and I’ve always wanted to pay tribute with a video of my own.”

Watch the video below:

Black Rose Burning saw its genesis in 2018 with the band’s founding by instrumentalist, producer, and engineer George Grant, whose multifaceted talents exceed his already impressive sonorous and soulful vocal delivery.

Grant’s music defys genres, spanning range of musical influences that come with roughly 4o years of songwriting experience, whose Gothic Rock leanings ala Love-Era Cult are showcased on this second album whose 12 intergalatic melodies explore the outer reaches of the dynamic mysterious of love, loss, and heartache.

“This release was a labor of love after the success of my first record. I was working through and adjusting to the post covid landscape and took solace in having the time to make another proper record,” says George Grant.

“Over the past four years or so, quite a few relationships that I valued were destroyed in an instant – over politics or just basic unacceptable differences. Then came Covid and I lost a few more for reasons beyond their control. There was a lot of anger in my first record. This one is more melancholic than angry. I write about outer space a lot. On both records. I find it inspirational. It’s vastness. It’s the place I’d most like to go. Maybe the place I’d most like to escape to might be a better definition.”

Photography by Robert Braunfeld

‘The Wheel’ was recorded in George’s own studio, PV Recording Company, which has over the years hosted such artists as Emelio Zeff China (Peter Murphy), Knox Chandler (Siouxsie And The Banshees), Chibi (The Birthday Party Massacre), Nellie McKay, Julia Marcel, Paul Bakija (Reagan Youth), Ego Likeness and Voltaire (with whom Grant also played bass for 10 years).

Adding to the overall post-punk gothic rock sound on the album is the additional involvement of Jason Corbett of ACTORS, who produces many modern darkwave acts at his Jacknife Sound Studio in Vancouver.

Available on CD and digitally across the internet, including Spotify and Apple Music. The Wheel can also be ordered directly from the band via Bandcamp.

Grant has also assembled an entourage of talented musicians for live performances, including guitarist Frank Morin (World Inferno Friendship Society) and drummer Luis Infantas (Monster Zero). Follow Black Rose Burning for more info on live shows as they come.

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