Industrial EBM legends Nitzer Ebb have unearthed their lost video for their 1985 single “So Bright So Strong”.

The video was filmed by their original manager Chris Piper in either 1983 or 1985, and features Bon Harris, Douglas McCarthy,  drummer David Gooday dancing like their EBM contemporaries Front 242 did in their early promotional videos, displaying the band’s playful youth and physicality before all the muscle, hate, and murderous tendencies were to later develop.

The video was shared by Pylon records, following their announcement of  a new career spanning 10 LP box covering releases from Nitzer Ebb between 1982-2010.

The set will be out on Pylon Records on October 5th, 2018, and collects remastered versions of all five of their Geffen/Mute albums, as well as five LPs of bonus tracks and rarities.

In addition to the unearthing of the music video, Nitzer Ebb were filmed by Pylon Records, discussing the process behind the new box set, and what fans can expect from the release.

Watch below:

The Nitzer Ebb box sets, ($189.99 to $209.99), can be pre-ordered from Pylon Records.

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