Eighties style new-wave and synth-rock musical collective ASHRR are premiering with us today their video for “All Yours All Mine”, a song with an infectious rhythms that could have been pulled straight from a Michael Mann film of television series circa 1984-1985.

On the songs themes, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Ethan Allen—known for his work with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tricky, The Cult, and more—elaborates:

“”All Yours All Mine” is an electrified public announcement. The song laments the frustration of navigating modern life and being a member of society where everyone and everything is a bit for sale. The track serves as a contrast between the aggressive kinetic energy of the band and the singer’s dulcet cautionary tale.”

Watch the video below:

“All Yours Mine” is taken from Oscillator, the forthcoming album from the trio of Steven Davis and artists / producers Ethan Allen and Josh Charles.

On the album as a whole, Allen Adds:

“This music was born out of exploration with analog synthesis and post rock themes, but the heart of the inspiration for writing these songs is a shared belief that humanity is falling short of who and what we should be in the world. That greater discussion is what truly inspires the landscape we paint in the music. Oscillator refers to the fact that all people and ideas are vibrating at different frequencies. There are moments when we couple and resonate with similar vibrations, and other times where they rub against each other, creating dissonance. This dissonance can result in conversation, or conflict.”

The record is out May 10th, Pre-order info TBA, meanwhile, find more on ASHRR over at Spotify.

Tour Dates:

March 14 – Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge

*Featured photo by Jennica Mae

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