Hardcore Darkwave act Neon Funeral have unveiled their video for “iPlague”, a song featured on 3-track their self-titled EP released in May of 2020.

Neon Funeral began back in 2019 as a project between roommates at the time, vocalist Randy Robertson and guitarist Kevin Garetz, who set out to write a song showcasing their love for new-wave and post-punk, while at the same time, reflecting being brought up in the same North Jersey hardcore scene back in the mid-2000s.

What started initially as just an idea quickly grew into a full-fledged band backed by members Michael Caballero (synth), Aaron Dempsey (drums), and Robbie Miranda (bass).

Neon Funeral’s first single,”She’s a Ghost”, was recorded in May of 2019 and quickly met with a positive response. The band then released the self-titled EP, and along with it a music video for “iPlague”.

“‘iPlague’ was the result of two song ideas; despite one song being scratched, the hook of that first song made it onto the second idea, resulting in the final version heard today. Randy’s take on self-destruction through substance abuse, and an introspective view of the world around him carries the song lyrically into an atmosphere of synth-wave landscapes and a dark gritty urban look at the decay of modern society.”

Watch the video below:

Neon Funeral are a band that combined hardcore and screamo vocals with darkwave melodies, taking things a step further than bands such as Beastmilk, but lying someplace scattered in between the goth club-friendly groove of She Past Away and the sonic assault of Deafheaven.

Neon Funeral’s self-titled EP is out now.

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