Berlin-based Neue Deutsche Welle Artist Sofia Portanet is updating the new wave sound of the 80s with her own modern pop take on the genre with the debut of her video for “Wanderratte”.

Born in Kiel, raised in Paris and now living in Berlin, Sofia explains the various retro influences on her music:

“I love the repetitive, minimalist sounds of Krautrock bands like Neu!, as well as the arrangements, lyrics and music of Ideal, DAF and 80s synth pop. I was also impressed by the visual and musical craze of French avant-garde bands like Les Rita Mitsouko. “

Sofia Portanet’s distinctive vocal style mixes classical and opera influences with likeness to Lene Lovich, Kate Bush and Edith Piaf.

Watch her video for “Wanderratte” below:

Sofia has been signed by Berlin label Duchess Box Records. “Wanderratte” is the followup single to “Freier Geist” which was released last summer.

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