Following the release of his debut album in May last year, musician Christian Eldefors, returns with his second album as NONN titled XVII, which is set for release on December 7th on Fuzz Club.

Enlisting his brother Alexander, and Hannes Nyling, Christian Eldefors has expanded the sound and scope of NONN, creating a formidable exploration in post-punk sounds fleshed out with traces of EBM, resulting in something that borders on something like the sound of the vintage Creation Records and Madchester vibe, or the most Goth of Darkwave sounds.

The track “Clear”, which had its promo video debut last month, is definitely a good example of the more Darkwave sounds found on the record, for if you were to drop the pitch on the vocal, the song would become the epitome of Goth.

This shift in the band’s sound is the result of reworkings and refinements of songs made on tour explains Christian:

“Since the last record we’ve been doing a lot of shows which gave us a lot of inspiration. We reworked the old songs to sound a bit fuller and more fun to play live. Having to reinvent all the sounds and instruments from the first album really inspired the direction on XVII.”

Listen to the result of this refinements in sound below:

XVII is out December 7th via Fuzz Club

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