My Bloody Valentine’s m b v was a long time coming, but apparently the release of a companion EP of new material is “imminent”. This would be bucking the trend, seeing as that it took Kevin Shields 21 years to follow-up Loveless.

NME caught up with Shields in London last night and received a status update on the EP. He reportedly told the publication that he’s “working on some new songs at the moment” and plans to record in the studio during October/November.

Shields previously discussed MBV’s future releases in an interview with Pitchfork in August 2013, saying:

[pullquote]The next step is to make an EP of all-new material. I’m also going to re-master Loveless andIsn’t Anything and all the EPs in analog to make pure analog cuts, which has never happened before. And I hate to say this because we haven’t set it up yet, but we want to do a site where everyone who bought a record would be able to stream various other things we put up, like an old recording of when I first experimented with pitch-bending back in ‘81. People could get a clearer version of how we wound up where we did. It seems more mysterious based on the records that were released because it seems like we went from a Cramps/Birthday Party band, to a noisy Jesus and Mary Chain indie pop band, to what we became in ‘88. But if you hear what we did before that, you can see how we were just playing around. It’s not what it seems.[/pullquote]

Watch ‘New You‘ off of m b v’ below

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