[dropcap]Extremely [/dropcap]rare and sought after, the Italian Post Punk band Move‘s eponymous debut LP, originally released in 1986 on A&D Records, will finally be reissued on Mannequin Records, a label well known for having a good knowledge and enthusiasm digging up obscure gems and forgotten classics. Following the paths of UK Cold Wave bands, the band made use of ghostly synthesizers, tribal rhythms and cutting-edge guitars to create a distinct sound, reflecting the influences of the booming Post Punk scene and the political climate in Italy in these days; the Rome-based band dissolved into obscurity after a two years of releasing music, starting with their s/t cassette demo in 1985, and releasing a split LP with Gronge, who are still active.

The epynomous debut of the Italian Post-Punk outfit can exclusively be streamed here and ordered on Mannequin Records—with 400 vinyl copies available, and the first 50 come with limited, hand-numbered silk screen artwork. This is a highly recommended gem from the vaults of obscurity, and Mannequin once again proved to be worth being watched by fans and collectors. Influences cited are Gang of Four, Bauhaus, or Section 25, which gives you a pretty good insight what you will get – highly recommended for fans of these bands.

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